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Last Update: Saturday, September 17, 2022
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Tandem Loyalty Solutions Overview

Merchant website info and Tandem Loyalty Solutions account point check. https://madeintandem.com
Custom Software Development Company in Chicago | Tandem (ex Devmynd)
We are a trusted strategy, design, and technology partner. We deliver custom software that inspires people and drives business forward.
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Tandem Loyalty Solutions rewards & loyalty program links. Convenient way to manage points on the fly in
Making Loyalty Rewarding | Tandem
Tandem''s software consultants designed an intuitive customization platform for ampliFi Loyalty Solutions'' rewards redemption portal. See how.
https://madeintandem.com Rewards Show
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rewards & loyalty program web page, terms & conditions for Tandem Loyalty Solutions.
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Popular Questions

  • Making Loyalty Rewarding | Tandem Tandem''s software consultants designed an intuitive customization platform for ampliFi Loyalty Solutions'' rewards redemption portal. See how. https://madeintandem.com/case-studies/making-loyalty-rewarding/
  • How Netflix''s Queer Eye Made Me a Better Consultant | Tandem ... Different starting points require different help, so someone who: … eats out every night → Make the simplest thing ... Bonus takeaway: Remember Your Team! https://madeintandem.com/blog/yaasss-how-queer-eye-helped-me-see-the-consultant-i-could-be/
  • A Swift Read: Understanding and Using Optionals | Tandem last updated November 8, 2016. Optionals: The Basics. In Swift, the optional type is used to indicate that a variable (or constant) might not hold a value, i.e. that it might equal nil. Based on this, you may suspect that a non-optional variable cannot be assigned a value of nil, and you would be correct.. var cannotBeNil: String = nil // nil cannot initialize specified type ''String''. https://madeintandem.com/blog/a-swift-read-understanding-and-using-optionals/
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  • The Competitive Advantage of Design Thinking | Tandem Product-Market Alignment. The techniques of design thinking are geared toward collecting insights directly from those who experience needs. In this model, customers are the primary source of inspiration and problem definition. In some senses, the customer actually takes on the bulk of the mental effort in aligning the product to the market. https://madeintandem.com/blog/the-competitive-advantage-of-design-thinking/
  • Beware the Third-Party | Tandem In the last three weeks we’ve had two Tandem clients and a firm that we advise run into major problems. When I say “ran into” I should probably say “blindsided by”. All three of these applications make heavy use of external services or networks – two utilize Facebook for authentication, invites, and cross-posting, the other pulls data from Craigslist. https://madeintandem.com/blog/2013-2-beware-the-third-party/
  • Packer / Ansible / Terraform – DevOps for Immutable Servers It automates all software installation, package management, and configuration on our AWS EC2 hosts. Ansible ensures that any software, config file change, or cron job is installed the same way every time. Ansible is agentless, so your build toolchain has fewer moving parts. (Probably the worst part of DevOps is becoming a sysadmin for the tools ... https://madeintandem.com/blog/packer-ansible-terraform-devops-immutable-servers/
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  • Branching Strategies for CI/CD | Tandem Branching Strategies for CI/CD. Kate Donaldson — Tandem Alum. Back in the bad old days, testing and deploying code used to be a very manual process for software and infrastructure engineers, often resulting in code that was prone to breaking. Often that would lead to live apps going down in Production, which makes the software unreliable for ... https://madeintandem.com/blog/branching-strategies-ci-cd/
  • The Environmental Impact of the Tech Industry | Tandem Juniper Research reported that the number of IoT connections will rise from 35 billion in 2020 to 83 billion in 2024, which is 130% growth in just four years. And by 2023, 66% of the global population will have internet access (compared to 51% in 2018). As more and more people get connected, the question is whether or not there will be enough ... https://madeintandem.com/blog/environmental-impact-tech-industry/

Card Point Enquiry

You can find out Tandem Loyalty Solutions point balance by visit store counter/ help desk.
How-to Point Check
Tandem''s software consultants designed an intuitive customization platform for ampliFi Loyalty Solutions'' rewards redemption portal. See how.
Information for Tandem Loyalty Solutions Rewards Show inquiry to see remaining balance and transactions.
Online Check
Check point balance online at
Phone Call
Call & check point by
Check Receipt
Check shopping receipt for points
Store Counter
info icon
Visit store counter or help desk for balance
  • Online balance: follow the link to merchant's official program website. You will need to fill in account number and pin so as to retrieve card balance.
  • Phone call: call the merchant's support number and provide card details, you will be able to get reward points on the phone.
  • Invoice/ Receipt: the remaining points of the card is printed on the shopping invoice / receipt.
  • Store Counter: usually the program points could be looked up at shop or store counter

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