My Loyalty Rewards Mobile App - Any Platforms & Any Devices

MLR App helps you keep track of loyalty rewards programs and schemes. The app offers a simple yet accurate way to organise all your program cards. Balance query is done by connecting directly to the website of card merchant from your device or phone.

My Loyalty Rewards app is an innovative loyalty rewards wallet and platform for cloud, mobile and desktop devices. The app stores essential loyalty recards details and provide a unique way to keep you on top of the program details. We have prepared most detailed and up-to-date loyalt rewards information for you to use. You can manage different brands of loyalty rewards programs in one app.

Back in 2017, our Android app was first published in Google Play as the first app of its kind. In the past 3 years, we have been working hard to improve and optimise the loyalty rewards directory and mobile app. Now, our apps are currently available in major Android app stores (Google Play, Samsung, Amazon, Huawei), Apple App Store and Microsoft Windows Store. You can find us in your favorite app store by searching: My Loyalty Rewards

Supported Countries and Regions

Australia - Austria - Belgium - Brazil - Canada - China - France - Germany - India - Ireland - Luxembourg - New Zealand - Netherlands - Switzerland - South Africa - United Kingdom - United States

Major cards from below countries are supported. More countries and cards are being added. Australia and United States were the first two countries we support. Due to the popularity of the app and great user feedback, we have added support for Canada, United Kingdom, India and China. Recently, Ireland, Brazil and New Zealand have been included in our directory. We are also expanding our support to Europe. Including Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. If loyalty rewards programs are popular method of payment in your region or country, but not yet available on our website, please send us an email.

Support Popular Mobile Devices and Platforms

It is crucial that you have access to loyalt rewards details whenever you need it, like card numbers and remaining balance.
Our app supports major mobile phones, tablets and desktop computer. You can find the right edition of the app for your device easily. Find the right app edition for your device below


  • Save card photo / receipt in the app
  • Save card details in the app for fast balance query
  • Query live balance by a few clicks via in-app browser
  • Card details are automatically filled in on vendor's web page
  • Balance details are extracted and saved automatically
  • Data adjustments or manual edit of cards
  • Card expiry reminder
  • Card info encryption
  • Build-in support function

MLR App Manages Cards Simply and Easily

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