Loyalty Point Check

Looking for the right way to check reward points? We are here to help.

Usually, you can check loyalty points or rewards points online via reward website or call merchant to find out the total points you have.

Loyalty Point & Statement Check

Need the best way to look up point balance? Search no more. We have best information available for you in a few clicks.

rewards & loyalty programs points could be easier redeemed. However, it might not be that easy to keep on top of remaining points. We are here to help and provide you balance enquiry options and methods. Find the country where you live below and search for loyalty program names.

Points programs are the most populate types of loyalty reward programs. Each time you shop, the total dollar of the receipt will be converted into points and saved to your membership card. These points are very easy to earn if you need to do the shopping on a daily basis. It does not cost you extra to gain the points. After enough points are collected in your account, you can go through the redemption process to exchange the points for goods from the merchant and earn big savings.

Always be prepared and check any promotional redemption exists to double the points you have. From time to time, merchant offers bonus point that you should never miss out. It is a tough job to keep on top of all the points in different loyalt card manually, you can use our mobile app to save all your points in the same place.

Rewards & Loyalty Programs by Country

Look up the program and scheme that interests you. You can start with your regularly weekly shopping locations or supermarkets to start with. Remember, it is really easy to join the program and earning the points!

How to do loyalty point check

Loyalty point check is a critical step of traciking your reward point balance. Be on top of remaining point so as to reach your goal faster.

Most of the loyalto reward programs has loyalty point check options printed on the back of the card or on the receipt. Some merchants also add point enquiry options in the fine print, terms of conditions or in the help section of their website. These information could change over time which is the reason why our team is using a unique information tracking process to keep our directory up to date

  • Check loyalty point on merchant website is the most populate way
  • Some cards might ask you to use a 3rd party website from POS system
  • Reward point can be checked at the counter or checkout
  • Total points could also be printed on last shopping receipt
  • In some cases, point enquiry could also be done via a service phone number
Wants to know all the options and find the easist way ? Our team is here to do the hard work for you so that every point on your cards is redeemed before expiry. If we have missed anything, please use our online tool to correct it. Then our moderators will cross check and publish the changes.

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