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Rewards Program information changes over time. We validate and check merchant details for you.

Rewards & Loyalty Program Information

We have been compiling rewards & loyalty programs around the world.

The enthusiasm of rewards & loyalty programs goes beyond border of countries. You are very welcome to access the information and provide feedback to improve rewards & loyalty program details for others. Select a country flag below to search the rewards & loyalty program you are interested in.

Customer loyalty program or rewards program is a widely used customer retention strategry to encourage customers to come back to the merchant. Typcially, these programs or schemes offer loyalty points that are captured in the membership card or loyalty cards. Then customer can redeem the points for goods or service.

In Rewards Show, we are trying to categorise and capture the essential information for well-known loyalty scheme all over the world. Our team is specialised to search the best programs in different counties and regions. We hope to provide you the latest and most accurate information so that you can take advantage of these programs to save money or earn better rewards!

Reward Program Details by Country

The following countries and regions are currently supported in our website and mobile apps. We are working none stop to increase the volume of our directory.

How do manage our directory?

In order to provide accurate and up-to-date data for loyalty & rewards related information, we have implemented an innovative data management application.

Via moderators. We have moderators from different countries to help with data collection from official source, typically online resources and hard copy booklets.
  • Our moderators collects merchant information in their country
  • Data is collected and entered into staging database for process
  • Data is validated and processed to improve quality
  • Additional supporting resources are attached to card merchants entry
  • Programs are published to the directoy for public review
Via members:
  • Registered members can also help submitting new loyalty programs
  • New submission will be reviewed and validated by moderators before publishing
  • If there is enough supporting evidences, the program will pass moderator's validation process.

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