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Merchant website info and SimplySeed Loyalty Points account point check.
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SimplySeed Loyalty Points rewards & loyalty program links. Convenient way to manage points on the fly in
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Grow your own veg - buy quality vegetable seeds online from We select the best seed varieties - so you don''t have to. Rewards Show

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Card Point Enquiry

You can find out SimplySeed Loyalty Points point balance by visit store counter/ help desk.
How-to Point Check
Grow your own veg - buy quality vegetable seeds online from We select the best seed varieties - so you don''t have to.
Information for SimplySeed Loyalty Points Rewards Show inquiry to see remaining balance and transactions.
Online Check
Check point balance online at
Phone Call
Call & check point by
Check Receipt
Check shopping receipt for points
Store Counter
info icon
Visit store counter or help desk for balance
  • Online balance: follow the link to merchant's official program website. You will need to fill in account number and pin so as to retrieve card balance.
  • Phone call: call the merchant's support number and provide card details, you will be able to get reward points on the phone.
  • Invoice/ Receipt: the remaining points of the card is printed on the shopping invoice / receipt.
  • Store Counter: usually the program points could be looked up at shop or store counter

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